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Beard Oil Intense 50ml


Beard Oil Intense 50ml



The intense fragrance of this beard oil is a sure winner for the discerning gentleman who cares for his facial hair.
With refreshing grapefruit and musky guaiac wood scents, it is a combination unlike any other for scent.
With all the benefits of added vitamin E, and a perfect pairing for our Intense signature scent, we are confident you will love this beard oil.

Warm three to five drops of oil in the palms of your hands and massage into your entire beard in a downward motion.

Best results when applied to a damp (not wet) beard and with a brush or comb if your beard is long or thick.

Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Parfum.


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The use of beard oil originates from ancient Mesopotamia. The men of ancient Mesopotamia famously wore their beards long. They also took great care of them by conditioning with sesame seed oil. Since that time beard oil ingredients have come a long way. These days, beard oil is suggested for men who sport a short or medium length beard.

But what beard oil is best? I hear you ask. Look for a beard oil with all-natural ingredients. This will ensure that there aren’t any chemical nasties which can dry your beard out, leaving it dull and/or brittle.

Should I apply beard oil every day? Once again, I hear you. The answer is… it depends. If your beard is feeling soft and looking tame, then no. However, if it is in need of a little TLC, go for it. When applying beard oil, remember: less is more. Simply massage a few drops through the entirety of your beard. Thus, your facial hair will be feeling fresh and soft and looking a million dollars. Friends and family as well as complete strangers will not be able to resist coming up and touching your glorious whiskers! The added bonus of beard oil is that it helps combat the irritation that is often experienced by neophyte beard growers. Our beard oil for men can help with growth.


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