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How and Why you Should use a Beard Shampoo to Cultivate an Elite Beard

When a visitor to ancient Sparta asked why the warriors cultivated their long beards, King Nicander in the 7th century BC said, “because for a man his own adornment is the very best.”

Indeed, your facial hair is a reflection of you as a person. If it is scruffy and unkempt then good luck making a great impression.

However, if your beard is looking its best you are sure to project an air of confident sophistication. Within the ancient world, the Spartans were well-known for taking pride in the appearance of their beards, especially before battle.

And you too can carry this tradition forward by using beard shampoo as part of your beard care routine.

"because for a man his own adornment is the very best."

When to Use Beard Shampoo

You’re living the dream. Your beard is full and thick, and your regularly receive compliments from friends and strangers alike about your hirsute prowess.

As you saunter through the doors of your favourite café you notice a very funky smell. Investigating the stench closer you realise it is your beard that is emanating a pungent aroma of dried sweat and grease.

As a dapper gentleman, this is most unbecoming. It’s time for a good old beard shampoo.

Washing your beard is easy. However, if your beard washing routine doesn’t involve a proper beard shampoo your whiskers will end up dry and brittle. How very uncouth!

The ladies certainly won’t be lining up to lavish their kisses upon you.

Going a bit OTT and washing your beard daily strips those natural oils from your beard. The result will be a lifeless, damaged beard.

Here’s a fun fact for you: our beard follicles naturally produce oils that help keep our whiskers hydrated and healthy.

Going a bit OTT and washing your beard daily strips those natural oils from your beard. The result will be a lifeless, damaged beard.

Thus, washing your beard twice a week is the ideal frequency.

The Benefits of Beard Shampoo

Beard Shampoo

We recommend that you use a mild beard shampoo that is SLS, SLES, Sodium Chloride and Paraben free.

You might be saying to yourself: surely I can just continue to scrub my man fur with a regular body or face wash or just use a cake of normal soap.

Right? Wrong! These products were not made for washing hair and will leech the natural oils out of your beard.

Utilising a good beard shampoo is the best course of action. Beard shampoos are specially formulated with your facial hair in mind.

Some beard shampoos also feature mild conditioners which will leave your whiskers feeling and looking oh so soft and kissable.

Final thoughts
Since the ancient days of yore, men have demarcated themselves as deserving of distinction through the wearing of a beard and moustache.

Indeed, what else could set a man out from the pack than his very own well looked after facial adornment? The quality of your beard informs others about the quality of your character.

Do you really want to come across as lazy, unkempt or dull? Or, as vibrant, healthy and well-groomed?

Do yourself a favour and get some beard shampoo in that beard of yours.