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Can Beard Cream help you Grow and Maintain a Healthier Beard?

The beard. The age old status symbol of a healthy, virile male. Think about it: a beard tells the world something in particular about the wearer.

A healthy, luscious beard lets it be known that its owner is of vital potency. Not only can he grow a lot of facial hair, but he can look after it too. And, according to recent studies, growing a beard can also help to look after our health (more on that later).

But just what is it that makes our beards healthy? In a nutshell: beard cream.

Keeps Dust, Allergens, and Bacteria Out of Your Mouth and Nose

Beard Health

A pogonophobe (the name for someone who has a hatred or fear of beards) might tell you that beards are unhealthy. They may suppose that your facial hair is harbouring all sorts of bacterial nasties.

However, a recent scientific study carried out amongst hospital workers made a startling discovery. Researchers were stunned when they found that the smooth-faced staff were three times more likely to be carrying harmful bacteria on their faces in comparison to their more hirsute colleagues. So, just how the heck does this happen?

It could be that shaving causes micro abrasions “which may support bacterial colonisation and proliferation”.

Or, it could be that beards promote the growth of healthy microbes that help fight infection.

Whilst the jury is still out on that one, we bearded men now have yet another reason to grow our healthy beards.

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Beard Cream 101

So, just how does one grow and maintain a healthy beard?

The simple answer is beard cream. Whilst the debate rages on between which one is better: beard oil or beard cream, one thing is certain.

If you are wanting to buy a beard product that has 2 in 1 functionality, you should consider beard cream.

Not only will it help to style and moisturize your whiskers, beard cream can also work to alleviate any skin irritation by soothing the skin underneath your beard. And that’s what makes beard cream a must have beard product.

As any man who has grown his beard will tell you: the hardships of the “itchy beard” growth phase can take their toll.

How to use beard cream

Applying is as simple as using the following steps:

1. Wash your beard with a specially formulated soap for beards
2. Dry your beard
3. Massage beard cream throughout your beard, ensuring you also hit the skin underneath skin
4. Repeat morning and night for best results

Don’t be afraid of teaming your beard cream up with some beard balm. Doing so will not only lock in all that great moisture, but it will also hold sin place any straggly whiskers.

As the old adage goes: “a beard is the ultimate show of a man’s patience.”

A beard proclaims the wearer’s sturdiness and resolve. But growing a great beard is no mean feat.

Beard Creams

So, if you want to truly proclaim the health and vitality of your manhood by wearing a beard, buying beard cream is a no brainer.

A great beard cream product will help you both moisturize and style your whiskers at the same time.

Put the pognophobes in their place by curating a healthy and attractive beard. Give your face a gift, grow a beard.